How Do You Play the "Block Breaker" Game?


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The object of many block breaker games is to maneuver a paddle (usually on the bottom of the screen) to bounce balls upward into rectangular blocks clustered together. Upon contact with the ball, the blocks are destroyed. The level ends when all blocks have been destroyed. If the ball moves past the paddle into the bottom of the screen, a life is lost. Once three lives are lost, the player has to begin the game from the beginning.

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Each block breaker style game has its own instruction, rule variations and win conditions. In typical instances, the paddle can be maneuvered with the left and right arrow keys on the keyboard or with the mouse. Alternatively, some versions of the game allow the user to use the A and D keys or the Z and X keys to move the paddle left and right.

In many iterations of "Block Breaker," upon breaking certain blocks, icons called power-ups fall to the bottom of the screen. The player collects power-ups by moving the paddle into contact with them as they pass into the bottom of the screen. These power-ups can have multiple effects, such as slowing the ball speed, enlarging the paddle or spawning multiple balls (a life is only lost if no balls remain on the screen).

The difficulty increases as the player advances in levels. The game may give the player a smaller paddle or faster ball speed as the difficulty increases. A common approach involves the player having to hit the blocks multiple times to break them. The games ends when the player loses all of his lives or reaches and beats the final level. The number of levels available is specific to the variation of game being played.

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