How Do You Play Bionicle Games Online?


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Bionicle games such as “Bionicle Kongu” and “Bionicle Matoro” require a computer to play and are available to play on Agames.com, Y8.com and other arcade websites. Both of these games are free Flash games that players don't have to install.

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In “Bionicle Kongu,” players have to move about the ocean using only a jet pack to get around. The space bar makes the Kongu move in the direction he is facing. Players can change direction using the left and right arrow keys on the keyboard. Once the life gauge in the upper left corner runs out, the game is over.

In “Bionicle Matoro,” players control Matoro in a side-scrolling platforming game. Use the left and right arrows to move around and the up arrow to jump. The space bar makes Matoro swing his claws, which you can use to fight enemies or destroy objects that are in the way. This game requires a bit of problem solving because you need to move blocks around to complete some jumps.

The goal of both games is to collect a red object, which is usually located toward the end of each stage. Your score is based on how fast you completed the level, among other factors.

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