How Do You Play Beyblades Games Online?


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Users must create a free account on BeybladeBattles.com to play Beyblade games. The account tracks the user's progress in each game and allows him to save characters and Beyblades for later use. Beyblade games do not work with Google Chrome; open or install a compatible Web browser to play.

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Users can play a number of free online games on BeybladeBattles.com. Players control all games with a keyboard and mouse. No purchase is necessary to play these games, but registering product codes gives players exclusive bonuses in a few of the games.

"Beyblade Battles" is a multiplayer fighting tops game that matches players with opponents for one-on-one duels. Both players select a top and a launcher and attempt to knock each other's top out of the ring. Players can affect the match with power-ups, including an energy boost, stealth mode and a shield. A game consists of three rounds, and whoever achieves more victories is the winner.

"Beywarriors" is a fighting and adventure game in which players explore the map while defeating enemy monsters. Use the arrow keys to move, X to attack, and Z to jump. Other games include "Beywheelz Battle," a racing game, "Beylocker," a game that lets users customize their characters and tops, and "Beyraiderz," a multiplayer tank battle game.

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