How Do You Play Beyblades Games?


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Beyblade is a battle-type game played by launching unique spinning tops into a small, contained arena called a Beystadium. While many models of Beyblades are available to be used in play, the basic rules of the game generally remain the same.

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To start, at least two Beyblades with rip cords and a Beystadium arena are required. The Beystadium should be placed on the floor and not on an elevated surface. To begin the battle, Beyblades are launched after a simultaneous counting down and recital of "Three, Two, One, Let it Rip!" The battle ends when one player's Beyblade stops spinning or leaves the Beystadium. The Beyblade that remains spinning or in the stadium is deemed the winner. Up to four players can play at the same time, and players are only allowed one launch per battle.

If a player touches another player or interferes with the Beyblades during battle, they lose one point. If a player launches his Beyblade outside of the Beystadium, one point is awarded to the other player. If a player's Beyblade lands in one of the three penalty slots during battle, the other player scores two points. A player is awarded one point if his Beyblade continues spinning longer than the other player's Beyblade. If a player interferes with the Beystadium during battle, the other player is awarded three points, and the battle is automatically finished.

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