How Do You Play "Ben 10 Game Creator"?

To play "Ben 10 Game Creator," navigate to and choose "Ben 10 Game Creator." Once the game loads, choose between creating a game and playing a game created by another individual. To make your own game, click the button labeled Create Game.

On the new page, click on the button labeled Start From Scratch, then click Next. Choose a background for the game by clicking on it. "Ben 10 Game Creator" offers seven sets of three backgrounds, with each set identical except for the background color. After clicking on the picture of desired background, click the Next button.

Choose one of the 18 heroes to star in the game. The heroes include stars such as Wolfblitzer, Spidermonkey, Jetray, Swampfire and others. Each hero offers a list of skills under its picture. Click on the picture to select and hero, then click Next.

Click on the goal required to win the game. There are four possible goals to select, such as battling enemies and collecting orbs. Choose the goal desired and click Next.

Choose and place walls and floors, objects to acquire and hazards for the game. Click on the desired object, then click on the grid where it should appear. After placing all the items desired, click the Next button.

On this page, test the designed game to ensure it runs correctly. If the hero completes the goal, name the game and click send to get it uploaded to Cartoon Network.