How Do You Play "Bejeweled Twist"?


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In “Bejeweled Twist,” players turn sets of four gems clockwise in an attempt to match three or more similar gems together. The more gems they match in a single move, the more points they receive. After clearing a set number of gems, they move on to the next level.

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“Bejeweled Twist” has a number of other unique gems that players have to destroy in special ways. For example, they cannot clear pieces of coal by matching three or more together. Instead, they have to use fire or lighting gems to destroy the coal.

Sometimes gems turn into bombs, but they don't change color. Instead, a timer appears on the gems and counts down every time the players make a move. The only way to get rid of bomb gems is to match three or more of the same color gems together. If players are unable to defuse a bomb before it explodes, they play a mini-game where they must stop a spinning wheel to match three colors together. If they cannot, the bomb explodes, and the game ends.

In the menu settings, players have the option to turn hints on or off. When hints are turned on, the game shows players suggested moves if they don't make a move for a few seconds.

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