How Do You Play Battle of the Sexes?

The Battle of the Sexes official website explains that the game is played in teams separated by gender. The teams take turns reading questions from gender-specific cards to the opposing team. If the answering team gets a question correct, it moves its trophy up one square and answers another question. The first team to get three trophies into the center wins the game.

The Battle of the Sexes website explains that the female team always goes first. Therefore, on the first turn, the men read a question to the females about guy-related things. The females continue to answer questions, moving their piece up one square at a time until they reach the center of the board or answer a question incorrectly. In either case, the female team's turn is over, and the men get a chance to go.

During game play, the card the question is read from is put at the bottom of the deck after it's read and answered, according to Battle of the Sexes website. There are five question categories that challenge the players to reveal how much they know about the opposite sex. The categories include: Our Facts, Our Pics, Our Stuff, Our Movies and Our Lives. The category labeled Our Lives is different from the other categories, because it requires the teams to answer questions about what actually happened in the life of a player on the opposite team.