How Do You Play the Barbie Makeup Game?


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Many different online makeup games feature the popular toy icon Barbie, and many feature the same basic controls, using the mouse to apply different types of makeup to her face. These games often focus on using cosmetics such as blush, foundation, lipstick and eyeliner.

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One common objective among many Barbie makeup games is to apply the makeup in order to hide various types of blemishes and skin conditions. These types of games begin by showing Barbie or one of her friends without any makeup, making issues such as pimples and dark eye circles visible. You are then able to click on a selection of makeup items to cover up these issues and remake Barbie's appearance. The games often include a limited makeup selection, as the focus of the game is on hiding the blemishes rather than adding a stylistic makeup design.

In the games that don't present Barbie with numerous skin conditions, the emphasis is on choosing different colors of makeup to crate a unique look. These games treat makeup application as an art, rather than as a tool for hiding issues. A common characteristic of these games is a color palate, which allows users to pick a makeup type, such as lipstick, and then experiment with different shades and hues.

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