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To play "Bakugan," choose three Bakugan Brawlers, three ability cards and three gate cards, one of each color. Select gate cards that correspond to the color of your chosen Bakugan Brawlers to achieve more points during play. Create an approximately 2.5-foot playing field between players, in which each player places one gate card face-down in the middle, with your gate card closer to your opponent, and vice versa. Roll the Bakugan onto the gate cards.

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Starting at least two card lengths away from a the gate cards on the field, roll the Bakugan onto the card so the Bakugan opens. If there is no other Bakugan on the gate card, your turn is over. If two players land their Bakugan on the same gate card, a battle ensues. After battle commences, remove the Bakugan after noting the G-power of each, flip over the gate card, and follow any given instructions on the card.

During battle, you may use your ability cards to aid your score or hurt your opponent's score, and your opponent may do the same, one card at a time, until each player decides not to use any more ability cards. Add the G-power boost of the gate cards and the G-power of the Bakugan to the points you gained from using your ability cards, to determine who wins the gate card. After battle ends, place both the used Bakugan and the gate card, if you won it, in your used pile. Replace the gate card with a fresh one. The first person to win three gate cards wins the game.

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