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Bakugan Dimensions was permanently shut down on June 30, 2011 after about a year in open beta testing. The game was a massively multiplayer online role playing game developed by SpinMaster in which gamers could compete in Bakugan matches with fellow gamers around the globe and computer-controlled characters from the "Bakugan" anime, such as Dan, Shun and Marucho.

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Players were gifted with three Bakugan of an attribute of their choosing upon registering for the game. These three were free to use, but they were harder to level up and weaker than most other Bakugan in the game. Players seeking stronger Bakugan had to input 10 digit DNA codes found in real life packages of Bakugan products, specifically the Gundalian Invaders and Mechtanium Surge expansions. DNA codes for Bakugan already owned in the game increased that Bakugan's power level. There were also three-digit codes on Bakumeters that earned the player an online Bakumeter, some clear Bakugan and codes for the game's currency, Bakucoins, in a variety of Bakugan products.

Gameplay consisted of five major areas: the school, the park, the downtown, the residential area and Neathia. Each was equipped with NPCs to interact with, DNA consoles for inputting codes and a leaderboard. Players simply clicked on an area to enter it; there was no free-ranging open world.

The game was loosely based on the "Virtual Insanity" episode of the "Bakugan" TV series, in which Marucho designs a similar system allowing the cartoon's characters to compete with anyone in the world online. When the game was discontinued, the current arc of the anime was believed to be winding down. The show continued on, but the game did not follow it.

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