How Do You Play "Bad Piggies"?


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"Bad Piggies" is a physics-based, puzzle video game that tasks players to construct a makeshift vehicle and help the pigs reach the finish line. Players earn stars on each level when they accomplish certain objectives. The game is available on Windows, Mac and mobile platforms.

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Every level in "Bad Piggies" provides a different challenge based on map layout, construction materials and objectives. For instance, a level may necessitate adding an umbrella to the vehicle contraption to keep it airborne and reach the destination. Available construction materials vary between levels and may include soda bottles, boxing gloves, fireworks and propellers. Each of these materials has a unique effect that affects the movement of the vehicle. Players typically have to use trial and error to determine which vehicle construction is the best for the current level.

Up to three stars are obtainable per level, and one star is the default award for simply arriving at the finish line. Players obtain the other two stars for achieving unique challenges, such as reaching the finish line within the allotted time, while carrying an object or without damaging the vehicle. Obtaining all three stars in one attempt is impossible at certain levels, requiring players to play these levels repeatedly and accomplish the objectives in separate attempts. More levels become available as players earn more stars.

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