How Do You Play "Bad Ice-Cream"?


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The primary objective in "Bad Ice-Cream" is to collect all of the fruit found in each stage without being run over by enemies before the time limit expires. Up to two players can participate in "Bad Ice-Cream" from a single computer.

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Player one moves with the arrow keys, while player two moves with the W, A, S and D keys. Shooting is accomplished by pressing the Space or Return key for player one and the F key for player two. The shooting action either creates ice in a straight line from directly in front of the character to the nearest solid terrain or destroys ice in the same straight-line pattern if the shooting character is in front of a block of ice. Tactical use of this ability is required to entrap and avoid enemies while acquiring the fruit needed to win the game. Fruit is distributed on each stage in waves, with the next wave not appearing until all of the fruit from the current wave has been picked up. Which fruit wave the player is currently completing as well as how many more need to be completed to pass the stage is tracked at the bottom of the screen.

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