How Do You Play "Baa, Baa Black Sheep" on a Keyboard?

To play "Baa Baa Black Sheep" on a keyboard, locate the keys on the keyboard and using numbers, label the keys from one to 15 with middle C being the number 5, and play the correlating notes: 9-9-13-13/14-14-14-13/12-12-11-11-10-10-9/13-13-13-12-12/12-11-11-11-10/10-13-13-13-12-13-14/12-11-10-10-9. Using familiar nursery rhymes and a number code system allows music to be played without having any musical training.

Using number codes for the keyboard can allow anyone to play tunes on the keyboard without having to know how to play or read music. Match the numbers to the corresponding note starting with F and ending with G. Double check for correct numbering by checking that middle C, or the C note which is nearest the middle of the keyboard, is number 5. This numbering system positively introduces young students to playing the keyboard. After mastering the number system, a student can move onto labeling the notes. Once the notes are memorized, it is an easy transition into reading music. Using simple songs with notes rather than formal sheet music encourages students' success and piques their interest. The keyboard lesson translated into note format in the key of C major is:

  1. C C G G
  2. A A AA G
  3. C G G GG FF F
  4. F E E E D
  5. C C G G
  6. A A AA G
  7. F F E E
  8. D D C