How Do You Play "Armor Mayhem"?


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"Armor Mayhem" is a browser-based video game that is playable through the Armor Mayhem webpage. The game begins to load and is playable on the home page. Note that various websites offer the game as well, but the official source of the game is the Armor Mayhem website.

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"Armor Mayhem" is a Adobe Flash based game that is played within the web browser. The game has no requirements in terms of being downloaded, but progress is still saved as the player moves through the game. The game has several modes with the main mode being a list of missions that give the player various objectives in order to complete them. The game allows the user to play levels created by other users, as well as create his own levels. As the game is played the player collects money, which is used to purchase items from the armory.

"Armor Mayhem" also has in-game achievements, reminiscent of console-based games. These achievements are obtainable by completing certain objectives that sit outside of the basic requirements of the game.

"Armor Mayhem" is an intense browser game compared to many of its counterparts. If the player has difficulty running the game smoothly, he is recommended to reduce the settings and close all other programs.

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