How Do You Play "Animal Crossing: Population Growing"?


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The goal of the game Animal Crossing (sometimes called Population Growing) is to live a peaceful life in a simulated world with anthropomorphic, or human-like, animals as neighbors. To play the game, players move around using the control stick on their controller and communicating with their neighbors using the "A" button. The main goal of the game is to build and decorate a large house.

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The player starts the game as a new resident in a town where animals are the neighbors. The player gets a job from Tom Nook, a store owner, to pay off his first debt. After he finishes his work, it is up to the player to decide what to do. If the player wishes to pay off his mortgage and expand his house, then he should sell items like fruit to Tom Nook in order to make more money. If the player wishes to make friends with his neighbors, he should talk to them and do jobs for them. If the player wishes to help the town's museum, he should go fishing, bug catching or fossil hunting and donate his findings to the museum.

While it is not actually possible to complete Animal Crossing, it is possible to complete all the main tasks of the game. A player may consider the game completed when he has fully upgraded his house and no longer has a mortgage.

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