How Do You Play the Angry Birds Game?


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To play Angry Birds, download the game onto a mobile device, tablet or computer. Follow any tutorials the game offers to learn how to use the slingshot, and see what it takes to knock over obstacles. Defeat all the pigs on a level to move forward.

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The tracker is a dotted line that is visible when you pull a bird back on the slingshot. Often, the line gives you a marker to use when aiming the birds at an obstacle. The birds are different sizes and colors, and they perform different tasks for clearing obstacles.

The red birds are generally just straightforward, heavy ammunition without any special moves, while the blue birds are great for breaking ice and can split into three birds if tapped while in flight. The yellow birds are great for breaking yellow beams, and they speed up if tapped while in flight. The white birds drop egg bombs and do a lot of damage when they hit obstacles, while black birds explode if tapped while in flight. The boomerang bird swings back quickly to whatever place on the screen the player taps.

While each bird has a tactical purpose, you can use them in whatever way suits the level. Also, if you complete the level and there are leftover birds, the player earns bonus points for each bird. The game makers also hid golden eggs throughout several levels that open up extra rounds of the game or bonus points.

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