How Do You Play the "Ancient Jewels" Game Online?


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As of 2015, to play the "Ancient Jewels" game online, visit one of the many websites that offer the game, such as GamesGames.com. The goal of "Ancient Jewels" is to destroy all the pieces of the slabs under the stones in a set amount of time.

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When three stones of the same color line up in a vertical or horizontal line, the stones leave the board. If there was a piece of slab under one or more of the stones, it disappears with the stones. To reach the next level, destroy all the slabs within the time limit. A timer in the top right corner shows the amount of remaining time during each level.

The game offers bonus items to help destroy stones and slabs. The bomb appears after five stones form an " L" and explodes, taking numerous stones when matched with stones of a like color. A clock adds time to the clock when matched with stones of the same color. To get a clock, create a line that includes five of the same color.

Dynamite explodes in a cross pattern when matched with like colors, taking stones with it. The award of a dynamite comes from a five times combo of stones. The lightning bonus shoots lightning into seven cells, destroying the colored stones. A "T" shape needs formation with five of the same colored stones to receive this bonus.

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