How Do You Play "The Amazing Spider-Man" Game?


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To play “The Amazing Spider-Man” game for PlayStation 3 and X-Box 360, follow the onscreen prompts to learn which buttons to press to perform maneuvers. The buttons vary by platform, due to the differences in the controllers for each system.

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The game begins with a brief video sequence at Oscorp tower and then gives you control to learn your first maneuver, the web rush. The screen prompts you to a hold a button, specific to your gaming system platform, to perform the maneuver. Hold the button, and the game time will slow down. Use the web rush to help you take time to aim your web-slinger.

After giving you some time practicing traversal and using the web rush move, the game teaches you the combat system. The combat system uses a strike button and an evade button. Follow the onscreen prompts to determine which buttons these are for your controller, and use them to attack your opponent and dodge incoming blows. When Spider-Man’s spider sense triggers, indicated by squiggly lines above his head, press the evade button to dodge.

The final move the opening sequence teaches is the web retreat maneuver, Again, follow the onscreen prompt, and press the appropriate button for your console. The web retreat maneuver causes Spider-Man to dash backwards toward the screen. Use the web rush, web retreat, strike and evade maneuvers throughout the game to navigate and combat enemies.

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