How Do You Play an Am7 Chord on a Guitar?


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The Am7 chord, or A minor with 7th interval, is a commonly used guitar chord. It is one of the simpler chords and has a variety of positions depending on the needs of the song. The simplest version of the Am7 chord requires the player to only press two frets to play.

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  1. Press the index finger on the first fret of the B string

    The B string is the second string from the bottom of the fret board from the player's viewpoint. Pressing the first fret produces the note C, which is the third interval of the chord. Ensure that only the fingertip is pressing the string and not touching any other strings. When the chord is strummed, all strings need to ring clearly, and fingers touching will prevent the string from vibrating.

  2. Press the middle finger on the second fret of the D string

    The D string is two strings up from the B string, and the second fret makes the note E, which is the fifth string. Again, only use the fingertip.

  3. Strum all strings except the low E string

    The low E string is the thickest one closest to the player. The other five notes are played in concert form the Am7 chord. It is commonly written as x01020, where x is a mute string, 0 is an open string, and the numbers represent frets.

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