How Do You Play the Albertsons Monopoly Game?

To play the Albertsons "Monopoly" game, purchase a product at an Albertsons store or an Albertsons affiliate during the contest period to receive a game ticket, as of 2015. Collect tickets, and redeem them for prizes.

Alternatively, mail a game ticket request to the company. Check the contest rules for the mailing address.

The game has two types of tickets: instant win and collect and win. Instant win tickets provide a prize, such as a grocery gift card or a Redbox DVD rental. Redeem instant win tickets at Albertsons. Collect and win tickets require collection of the entire property set for the prize. For these sets, one ticket is typically much rarer than the others.

Each game ticket has a code for Albertsons' online "Monopoly" game. If the code is an instant win code, you receive a prize for entering it online. Once you have entered a code online, you have a chance to win the online sweepstakes.

Prizes and odds vary depending on the contest. Previous prizes include $1,000,000, a $50,000 home makeover, a $10,000 jet ski, an Apple iPad Air and a $1,000 romantic weekend getaway. Some prizes, particularly those that require the rarest pieces, may go unclaimed. Albertsons may do a second chance drawing in these situations.