How Do You Play an Adult Version of "Spot the Difference"?

How Do You Play an Adult Version of "Spot the Difference"?

Gamers who are at least 17 years old can download “Adult Spot the Difference” from the iTunes store; just like a traditional spot the difference game, players look at two similar pictures while trying to find slight differences between them. This game, however, uses provocative pictures of women.

“Adult Spot the Difference” is a paid app on iTunes as of January 2016. Good News Games first placed this game on the iTunes store in September 2011. The game requires iOS 3.0 or higher, is 8 megabytes in size and is compatible with the iPhone, iPad Touch and iPad.

Reviews for “Adult Spot the Difference” on iTunes are mostly negative. The reviewers say that the game doesn't feature many pictures and isn't very “adult.” According to some of them, the game only features 10 pictures, and players can complete it in just a few minutes.

Good News Games is the same developer behind the game “+Puzzle+,” which is also on the iTunes store. In it, players put together puzzles of girls. This game, however, is suitable for people aged 12 and older, according to iTunes. “+Puzzle+” is slightly larger than “Adult Spot the Difference” at 17.9 megabytes.

“+Puzzle+” received an update in March 2012 that fixed some minor bugs and added iPad support. While reviews for the game are generally positive, the iTunes store states that it hasn't received enough reviews to give it an average score.