How Do You Play "7 Little Words"?


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The "7 Little Words" game provides players with hints and requires them to select the letters that spell out the answer to the provided clues. Users click or tap the letters and press the Guess button to enter the selected word as a guess.

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Players of "7 Little Words" do not have a time limit, and the game does not keep any kind of score. Users are able to press the Hints button to reveal letters that fit in the word or the entire answer for a clue choice. After users guess all seven words by selecting the correct sequence of letters and pressing Guess to fill in the blank answer sections, a smiley face indicates success. Users may then begin a new game of "7 Little Words."

Variations of "7 Little Words" include a children's version of the game that uses an adventure backdrop to help entice them to continue playing. Players enjoying "7 Little Words for Kids" unlock new puzzles by completing each seven-word section, and the game rewards progression with further adventures in a fictional Dino-World. There are no in-game purchases in the children's version of "7 Little Words," and the version is also free of advertisements.

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