How Do You Play 31?

How Do You Play 31?

To play 31, learn the value of the cards, shuffle and deal the cards three up and three down. During each turn, players take and discard cards until someone either knocks to end the game or earns a score of 31 in the suit.

  1. Learn the value of the cards

    When scoring, the ace counts for 11 points, and the face cards are worth 10 points each. Count the number cards according to their number value.

  2. Shuffle the cards

    Use the desired method the shuffle the cards. Cut the deck to the left.

  3. Start the pot

    Place an equal amount of chips into the pot from each player.

  4. Deal the cards

    Deal three cards face down for each player followed by three cards face up for each. The cards facing up are the "widow."

  5. Draw cards

    The player to the dealer's left takes the first turn. Draw a card either from the stock or from the discard pile.

  6. Discard cards

    During your turn, decide if you want to replace a card in your "widow" with one in your hand. If you choose a card from the stock, you may discard the same card. If you choose from the discard pile, you must discard a different card.

  7. Knock to end your turn

    Determine if you think the value of the cards in your hand is equal to or greater than your opponents'. If so, knock to end your turn. All other players take a final turn.

  8. Reveal the cards

    Reveal the cards in your hand. Select your best suit, and total up your points. The player with the highest points collects the pot.

  9. Declare 31

    At any point during the game, declare 31 if the cards in your hand of one suit total 31 points. This makes you the winner of the hand.