How Do You Play 247 Solitaire?


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A game of standard one-card Klondike solitaire deals automatically upon loading the 247 Solitaire website, beginning play immediately. By default, aces will automatically go to the foundations at the top of the play area.

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How Do You Play 247 Solitaire?
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For full rules of Klondike solitaire, click the settings button, the one with a picture of a gear, found at the bottom of the play area between the New Game and Undo buttons. Settings also allows you to toggle autoplay and sounds on or off.

To choose a new card game, click New Game to the left of the Settings button. The 247 Solitaire website contains many popular solitaire games, including Freecell, Spider, Scorpion, and Yukon. Select a new game to begin.

If the player makes a mistake during play, clicking the Undo button at the bottom of the play area takes back the last move. The player can take back as many moves as required, but Undos are counted in the overall statistics.

The trackers at 247 Solitaire automatically calculate win and loss statistics for each player, as well as winning streaks, time per game, percentage of games won, and games won without using the Undo button. To access statistics, click on the Settings button at the bottom of the play area and scroll past game rules.

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