How Do You Play 247 Mahjong Solitaire?


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Play 247 Mahjong Solitaire by selecting tiles that are exposed to the edge and matching them with other exposed tiles that have the same face. Matching a pair of tiles eliminates them from the board, and the game ends in victory by eliminating every single tile.

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While a player must match most tiles exactly by the face design, he can match flower tiles with other flower tiles, and season tiles with other season tiles. If you're struggling to know whether to eliminate a set of tiles now or later, check to see if eliminating the set in question frees up more tiles. It's possible to run out of possible matches without eliminating all of the blocks, so aim to eliminate matches that provide more resources. The fewer tiles available from which you can choose, the higher the chance that you get stuck without any possible moves, and lose the game.

Time is an important factor in Mahjong Solitaire, as it is the score that measures performance after completing a board. One good strategy to predict what tiles remain when the board is getting low is to commit to memory which tiles have already been eliminated. The game has four of each tile except for season and flower tiles.

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