How Do You Play the "18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker" Arcade Game?


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Play “18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker” using a steering wheel with force feedback to drive a virtual 18-wheeler truck from one point to another before time runs out. Besides a steering wheel, the arcade machine also features a three-position shifter and two foot pedals.

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In “18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker,” players get to choose from several trucks at the start of the game. Each truck has its own handling and speed stats. The goal of the game is to haul cargo across the country within the time limit. The harder the cargo is to transport, the more money and bigger score that the players get. Players earn more money depending on how well they perform, how much time is left on the clock and how well they maneuver the truck in tight alleyways.

While transporting cargo, players have to do their best to avoid running into innocent traffic. Besides just dodging traffic, they can also blast the horn to warn other drivers to get out of the way. Some arcade cabinets feature two-player linked matches that pit two individuals against each other. Arcade cabinets that don't feature link play allow players to face off against computer opponents.

Sega released "18 Wheeler" in 2000 as part of its Real Life Career Series. Other games in this series included “Crazy Taxi,” “Brave Firefighters” and “Emergency Call Ambulance.”

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