How Do You Plant Seeds in "Minecraft"?

How Do You Plant Seeds in "Minecraft"?

Plant seeds in the PC version of Minecraft by preparing a grass or dirt block, hydrating the dirt, and then putting the seed in the ground. Seeds require light to grow, so place the dirt blocks in sunlight, or surround them with torches.

  1. Obtain seeds

    Find seeds in Minecraft by destroying wild wheat, grass, ferns, melons and pumpkins. After you kill these crops, a seed icon appears that you simply run into to add to your inventory. Locate a village with a farm to destroy those crops and get seeds.

  2. Craft a hoe

    Create a hoe on your crafting table with two sticks and two blocks of another material such as wood planks, cobblestone blocks, gold ingots, iron ingots or diamonds. Place one stick in the central space of your crafting table and another stick in the lower-middle block. One block of your blade material goes in the upper-middle block, and the other blade material goes in the right or left upper square.

  3. Prepare dirt

    Use the hoe on a dirt block or grass block to flatten the dirt. Place water in an empty block within four blocks of the crop by locating your farm near water sources or transporting water with a bucket.

  4. Add seeds

    Place a seed in the prepared dirt. Plants are ready to harvest within two hours in real time. Put bone meal in the ground, and have torches near the plants so they mature even faster.