What Is Planet Minecraft?

What Is Planet Minecraft?

Planet Minecraft is a community fan site created for players and fans of "Minecraft." The site features blog posts and a chat room as well as many downloadable items such as skins, texture packs and banners.

A developer named Cyprezz created Planet Minecraft. As of 2015, the site features over 1.7 million members and over 200 million downloads. The Community section of the site features forums, a chat room, and site-wide contests. The Browse section allows members to view and download content created by fellow members such as character skins or mod packs.

A large feature of Planet Minecraft is the forum advertising available servers. While Minecraft is playable as a single-player game, many users choose to connect to one another through servers to create a different experience. These multi-player servers often feature contests, themes or collaborative projects that would otherwise be impossible for the solo player. The browse function of Planet Minecraft allows users to search for servers that they find most suitable or that are the most popular.

In addition to the main site, Planet Minecraft has its own Steam community and Facebook/Twitter accounts.

As Planet Minecraft is a fan site, it is not officially affiliated with Mojang AB or "Minecraft" itself.