What are some places to play "GarageBand" online?


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While there are no online games called GarageBand that people can play, people can download the iOS music creator app ���GarageBand��� or play games about garage bands such as ���Band RPG��� online. ���GarageBand��� is available to download on iTunes and requires 1.09 gigabytes of space.

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���GarageBand��� for iOS devices allows people to turn an iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone into a portable band. It features a full collection of touch instruments and a full-featured recording studio, which allows users to create music no matter where they are. This app also has a feature called Live Loops, which allows users to create audio effects and trigger loops in real time just like a DJ. Instruments that this app features include guitars, drums, pianos and organs. Users can even plug a real electric guitar into an iOS device to record their own music.

In ���Band RPG,��� players take control of a garage band that is trying to make its mark on the music industry. Players use a computer keyboard to control the band as it plays shows and delivers pizza to make extra money. In this game, players can completely customize the band and come up with a unique name for it. This is a free Flash game that people can play online without downloading it to a computer. When starting the game, they get to choose if they play a short, long or unlimited game, which affects the number of turns that they get before the game ends.

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