Where Are Some Places to Find Photography of Eyes?

Where Are Some Places to Find Photography of Eyes?

Find photographs of eyes on stock image websites such as StockSnap.io, Pixabay.com and PublicDomainPictures.net. Conduct an eye image search on Search.CreativeCommons.Org for more free images.

Amateur photographers upload most of the photos at PublicDomainPictures. The website offers most of these photos for free. However, Shutter Stock owns the rights to some of the photos, and it requires payment to download. As of 2015, the eye search result shows 19 pages of animated and photographed images of eyes.

Pixabay requires its users to sign up before downloading images. Most of its images are under Creative Commons licenses, which allows free sharing and altering of these photos. Users can download Pixabay's photos in various sizes, such as small, medium, large and extra large. The site bases these options on the image dimensions. The eye search result on Pixabay shows over 130 pages of eye images.

StockSnap offers high resolution photographed images. It uploads new ones daily. StockSnap strictly uploads pictures under a Creative Commons license. Searching the word eyes on StockSnap only shows a small number of results. However, the website bases its results on the user generated tags. Search different keywords on StockSnap to find a wider selection of eye photos.

Search.CreativeCommons.org gives users media free of many copyright restrictions. Enter a phrase in the search toolbar, and then select a website and locate the images. Google Images, Flickr and Wikimedia Commons are some of SearchCreativeCommons listed websites for images.