What Are Some Places to Get Inspiration for Making up Your Own Games?


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Some places to get inspiration for making your own board games include board game review and discussion sites such as BoardGameGeek.com, retail sites such as Amazon.com, and retail stores such as Target. It's also possible to get inspiration by playing video games or examining other art forms and artists.

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Sites such as BoardGameGeek.com serve as a helpful inspiration source for creating your own board games because you are able to read information about the rules and gameplay of many different board games, which exposes you to new concepts and ideas. The site also includes player reviews of games, which may help you identify positive and negative elements of games, and choose specific mechanics or themes. The site also includes player pictures of game boards and pieces, which may also inspire you as you make your own designs.

Reading customer reviews of board games on Amazon.com can also be helpful in that you are able to identify popular board games and read why they are popular. Visiting a retail store to look at a game in person may also serve as an inspiration. Another possible source of inspiration is independently made video games, as they often contain innovative visuals and gameplay mechanics, and they incorporate ideas not seen in many mainstream games. These can also be inspiring due to the self-creation aspect and the ability to interact with the creators.

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