What Places Buy Royal Doulton Figurines?

Royal Doulton figurines remain highly popular collector's items for sale in many venues, including antique shops, collectible shops and online retailers. Such retailers also purchase figurines. Knowledge of the value of one's figurines is key to getting the best price; pricing guides are available online and through consultation with expert dealers or resellers. For used pieces, prices in 2014 range from under $50 to over $1,500, according to Replacements, Ltd.

In production in London since 1815, the Doulton pottery line began with stoneware items, such as pitchers, canisters and sewer pipes, branching out during the mid-1800s into more decorative items like jugs and table wares, with the figurines launching in 1913. Queen Mary of England named the first figurine, a small boy dressed for bed, by proclaiming him a "darling." The most valuable figurines are the older and more rare ones, such as the early Fair Ladies collection, figurines signed by the artist and figurines made prior to 1939. More recent limited editions and figurines designed by particular artists remain the most sought after and valuable. Though many of the most popular figurines depict people, Royal Doulton art wares include animal figurines, children's plates and bowls, character jugs, stoneware candlesticks and vases.