What Are Some Places to Buy Native Indian Dolls?

What Are Some Places to Buy Native Indian Dolls?

ExoticIndia.com sells a large selection of Indian dolls. Commerce India provides native Indian Barbie dolls at Coimbatore.com, and DollsofIndia.com offers decorative native Indian dolls. Amazon.com also displays native Indian dolls for sale, and Toys"R"Us carries an Indian Travel Friends doll.

ExoticIndia.com's selection of collectible costume dolls includes brides, dancers and dolls representing different geographical regions of India. Most of the dolls consist of paper-mache, and they feature realistic clothing and jewelry. The company also sells an Indian Barbie. ExoticIndia.com offers Indian textiles, sculptures, books, jewelry and other items, in addition to its dolls, and it offers free shipping on qualified orders.

Coimbatore.com's selection of native Indian Barbie dolls includes Wedding Fantasy Barbie, Sundari Gujarat Bride Barbie, Roopavati Rajasthani Barbie, and Ken and Barbie in India. The company also sells Pujabi Barbie and Kelly dressed in Indian clothing.

DollsofIndia.com sells native Indian cloth dolls that represent couples, dancers, cultural characters and a wedding scene, as of 2015. The cloth dolls are 5 inches high, and the company also sells 12-inch-high cloth dolls on pedestals. DollsofIndia.com sells Indian paintings, sculptures, posters, clothing and puja items as well, and it provides an online culture library.

Amazon.com offers Indian Barbie dolls, a 9-inch Neela doll, and Trudi's Indian culture rag doll, as well as assorted dolls from Exotic India and rag dolls from ShalinIndia.