What Are Some Places to Buy a Blitzball?

Blitzball sets are available to buy from Blitzball.com and Amazon.com. The Blitzball website offers a starter set, which includes a bat, three balls and a pack of four balls. Blitzball bats feature a major league-sized barrel head and can hit a Blitzball up to 200 feet, according to the site. The Blitzball website accepts payments through PayPal.

As of December 2015, the Blitzball bat and single ball set has a 4.5-star user rating on Amazon.com. User reviews praise the product, but most note that it is available for less money from other vendors.

The Blitzball website contains instructions for throwing different types of pitches, including sliders, curveballs and rising fastballs. The cutter variety of slider pitch requires a slightly off-center grip, and it is thrown in a similar manner to a football spiral. Blitzball hosts a pitching contest in which players submit videos of their best pitches to compete for cash prizes.

Blitzball's makers also offer merchandise to people who start their own local league. Once the league is created and the creators have met conditions such as starting a Facebook page and uploading videos to YouTube, the league's creators can apply for official status. Official leagues receive Blitzball T-shirts and extra balls, along with the chance to compete for League of the Year prizes.