What Are Some Places to Find Free Activation Codes?

What Are Some Places to Find Free Activation Codes?

Using free license codes to activate video games is a form of software piracy and is a punishable crime. Free license codes infringe the copyrights of game developers as they have the sole rights to their games.

By activating a video game with a free license code, you may receive fines up to $93,500 and/or five years in prison, as of 2016. In addition, the game developers retain the right to sue copyright infringers for the loss of profits. In such cases, the infringer has to cover all attorney's fees and court costs.

Because offering activation codes for free is not lucrative in itself, websites that offer free codes often try to infect your system with viruses and spyware. As such, by searching for free codes, you risk your own privacy and the safety of your system.

Valve's software distribution platform, Steam, provides an easy way to acquire games legally. The platform is famous for offering great discounts and game bundles during holiday seasons. Use SteamDB to monitor Steam deals. This free website can filter and sort deals to help you find games at low prices.

Another option is Humble Bundle, which sells bundles that contain multiple games and let you set the price. You can also set a certain amount to give to charity while getting games at affordable prices. Look for Steam icons below the game pictures to see if you can activate them on Steam.