Is There Any Place Where You Can Get Free Tally Sheets for Bridge?


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A free tally sheet for bridge can be found on BridgeHands. There are two-table, three-table and four-table bridge tally sheets that involve eight, 12 and 16 players respectively. The sheet files can be downloaded into a person's computer for printing.

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BridgeHands also offers picture files of tropical fish, art and other animals for downloading and printing at the back of the tally sheets.

The bridge game, which is normally played by two pairs of players, has four stages: card dealing, auction or bidding, playing and scoring. A deck of 52 cards are dealt prior to distributing 13 cards to each player. There are four kinds of cards, with spades being the highest in ranking, followed by hearts, then diamonds and clubs. This ranking is used during auction. After the cards have been played, the score is noted down in the tally sheet.

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