Which Is the Best Place to Buy Used Mini Choppers?

Which Is the Best Place to Buy Used Mini Choppers?

There are a few websites online on which members are selling mini choppers, including ebay.com, Shoppok.com and ChopperExchange.com. Websites like Phumo.com find items across multiple websites based upon search criteria. Additionally, Craigslist.org offers a wide array of items based on local classified ads.

Ebay.com currently has a range of mini choppers offered between $200 and $1200, as of July 2015. All of these items are sold by members of the website. Most of these offer delivery options, while some only allow at-location pickup.

ChopperExchange.com specializes in new and used motorcycles. This website provides quick visibility into vehicle-specific statistics for at-a-glance consideration, including mileage, year, make, model, color and location of sell. Although mini choppers are available on this site, they are mixed with the standard motorcycles for sale which make up the vast majority of options.

Shoppok.com provides available items based on a search location, with over a thousand total results for mini choppers. This site usually requires direct contact with the seller as opposed to buying directly through the website. The options available currently range from $100 to over $2500.

Similarly to Shoppok.com, Craigslist.org provides classifieds ads based on location. This is helpful for finding mini choppers in a specific area for pick-up and buying directly with the seller.