How Do You Find a Place to Buy a PS4?


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Many national video game and electronics chain stores, such as GameStop and Best Buy, stock the Playstation 4. Consumers may also purchase the game system through online retailers, such as Amazon.

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There are no real national video game specialty chains other than GameStop and their subsidiary EB Games as of 2014, but local "mom-and-pop" video game stores are also likely to stock the console. Other electronics retailers that carry the PS4 include RadioShack and Fry's Electronics. General retailers with electronics departments that carry the console include Walmart, Target and Kmart. The websites of these store also allow for purchasing online. PS4s can also be found for sale online at eBay and Tiger Direct.

The PS4 was launched in November of 2013. Many major retailers experienced stock shortages during the first months of release. Christmas season in 2013 also had a major stock shortage. Jack Tretton, Sony's head of U.S. operations, stated the shortages were due to the long manufacturing process of the console, and that it takes months to produce one million PS4 consoles.

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