What Are Pixelmon "Minecraft" Servers?


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Pixelmon "Minecraft" servers are any game environment that has the Pixelmon "Minecraft" modification installed and active. Players accessing any of these servers are able to play a variation of the standard "Minecraft" game that includes over 200 Pok?mon-style creatures to battle, train and capture, as of 2015.

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The game "Minecraft" is played on a server, which is a unique virtual environment hosting the game code, rather than on an enclosed personal environment on one computer or video game console, as is the case with traditional single-player games. This means that there needs to be a computer or set of computers that stores all the game data and connects to the Internet in order to allow access for players. Any player hosting a "Minecraft" server is able to install various customizations, called mods, that change its gameplay and appearance. One such mod is the Pixelmon mod, which takes inspiration from the popular anime and video game series "Pok?mon."

One of the biggest differences between a Pixelmon server and a regular server is the inclusion of Pok?mon modeled after the creatures from the games and anime. Players are able to fight these creatures and capture them to use in future battles, just as is possible in the games. These servers also include various user-interface changes and other modifications to the game world.

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