How Does Pinochle Scoring Work?


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Pinochle scoring works by making melds and in game play. Some high-scoring melds include the flush (A, K, Q, J, T of trump) for 150 points, the royal marriage (K and Q of trump) for 40 points, the plain marriage (K and Q of any other suit) for 20 points, the pinochle (Q of spades and J of diamonds) for 40 points, and all the A's, K's, Q's, or J's.

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Points are also counted in tricks as follows: Ace for 11 points, Ten for 10 points, King for 4 points, Queen for 3 points, jack for 2 points, and last trick for 10 points. Finally, points are earned if the bidder makes their bid. Points are collected from each opponent. If the bid is 250 - 290, 5 points are collected. If it is 300 - 340, 10 points are collected. If 350 - 390, 15 points; 400 - 440, 25 points; 450 - 490, 50 points and 500 or more, 100 points. Spades score double for bids over 300. The lowest bid possible is 250 points and increases by 10 point thereafter. Pinochle starts with the bidding process after the cards are dealt and each player either bids or passes. Pinochle is played with a special 48-card deck.

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