What Are Some Pinewood Derby Car Ideas?


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Pinewood Derby car ideas for Boy Scouts to create include a sports car, a train-like construction, an airplane painted gray to model an Air Force jet, a flat candy bar, a long john doughnut and a mock football field. Additional ideas include a cage of wood-constructed animals at the zoo, a model of the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile and a mock-up of Elvis in a jumpsuit.

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Another creative Pinewood Derby idea is constructing a classic-car model, such as a 1950s pickup truck with a popular vehicle emblem painted on the back, an old-time dump truck, an el Camino or a red Chevette. Models that resemble food or meals, such as a bowl of salad, a hot dog in a bun, a waffle with syrup and an ice cream sundae also make for clever Pinewood Derby car ideas. Colorful options for Pinewood Derby cars include incorporating popular cartoon characters, such as Pokémon, Thomas the Train, Mickey Mouse and Goofy, the Power Puff Girls, SpongeBob SquarePants, the Fantastic Four, and Batman and Robin. Video game themes, such as Minecraft or Angry Birds, are also popular. The key to a creative Pinewood Derby car is the detail that goes into crafting and painting a unique, clever design.

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