What Are Some Pine Cone Craft Projects?


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Some pine cone craft projects include a rustic wreath, a pine cone garland, pine cone ornaments and pine cone penguins. Craft a pine cone wreath by hot-gluing frost-tipped or regular pine cones to a grapevine or moss wreath form. Paint the wreath or add glitter for a more festive look. If desired, tie and attach a bow.

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To make a little penguin pal from pine cones, use one long pine cone, two large pine cone scales found in the eastern white or western white pine species, an acorn cap, and the top piece of a pine cone. First, trim the ends of the two pine cone scales into a point for the wings, and hot-glue the pine cone piece to the top of the long pine cone after sanding it down a little. Paint one side of the pine cone white for the penguin's white belly and half of the acorn cap, excluding the knob on top. After the paint dries, dab glue onto the white paint, and add glitter.

Glue the acorn top on the front of the hot glue pine cone piece for the face and beak, attach the wings to either side of the body, and glue the trimmed parts of the acorn scales at the bottom of the pine cone for the feet. Draw on the eyes.

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