What Are Some Pillowcase Patterns?


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Regular and contrasting edge pillowcase patterns are available for free at Sew It Love It. The regular pattern uses one single piece of fabric, and the contrasting edge pattern uses one piece of fabric for the body and a second for the hem.

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The first step for either pattern is to determine the size of the pillow that the case is meant to cover. Dimensions for standard, queen, king and travel pillows for each pattern are available. Once the correct pillow dimensions are chosen, it is time to cut the fabric. For the regular pattern, take the single piece of fabric, fold it in half lengthwise, and cut it based on the predetermined measurements. For the contrasting edge pattern, begin by cutting the primary fabric the same way as with the regular pattern. Cut a strip of the second fabric based on the hem dimensions for the desired pillow size. Next, finish all the edges of the cut fabrics.

The final step is to sew the loose sides together. Turn the fabric inside out during the sewing process. Once the three sides of the pattern are sewed, snip off any excess fabric at the corners and turn the pillowcase so that the pattern is visible.

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