Which Pieces Are Hard to Get in McDonald's Monopoly?

The McDonald's Monopoly cards that are difficult to find are Mediterranean Avenue, Vermont Avenue, Virginia Avenue, Tennessee Avenue, Ventnor Avenue, Kentucky Avenue, Pennsylvania Avenue, Boardwalk and Short Line. Each set of cards has one rare card that is hard to come by. In McDonald's Monopoly, the goal is to complete a monopoly by collecting every card of a certain color.

These rare pieces have stayed the same since McDonald's Monopoly was first released in 1987. The game has returned almost every year, sometimes under a different name. However, the rules have always remained the same. The best way to obtain the rare cards is to purchase items from the menu that have a card on them. These items include Big Macs, most sandwiches, medium and large drinks and milkshakes, large French fries, large orders of chicken nuggets and certain breakfast items.

In 2005, an online version of the game was added. Each card has a code that can be entered online. Each code has a chance of giving out a free prize. Players are restricted to entering 10 codes per 24 hours.

In 2007, a card was released called Golden Avenue. It was not part of a set of cards. It was the rarest card, and it had the lowest chances of being obtained. Obtaining it would result in automatically winning $100,000.