How Do You Take Pictures of Butterflies?


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Photographing butterflies requires good equipment, a favorable location and adequate timing. Butterflies are sensitive creatures that rarely stay still for long. When you get too close, they fly away.

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How Do You Take Pictures of Butterflies?
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Select a location that has a lot of butterflies. Visit gardens with flowers such as lilac, butterfly bush and dogwood, and also check migration routes. Butterflies need heat from the sun to use their wings. They become inactive during cold weather, so choose a time when it is warm outside. Seek them early in the morning. Wait for them to land, and do not chase after them.

The angle of the photograph makes a big difference in its quality. Get down low to capture the face and body of the butterfly, hidden under the wings. Try a variety of angles to get a good view depending on the lighting and position of the butterfly.

A camera with macro lenses is capable of achieving a better focus on the butterfly than normal lenses. When you are using a tripod stand, keep the head loose to easily move the camera in case the butterfly flies away. Zooming is also helpful as it allows the image of the butterfly to fill the capture frame.

Butterflies have many colors, and a busy background may ruin the photograph. Check the background for branches and twigs that may lead to poor image quality.

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