What Are the Piano Notes to "Clocks" by Coldplay?


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Pop-rock music group Coldplay uses three prominent chords throughout the song "Clocks": E minor, B flat minor and F minor. These chords are the foundations of the oscillating sixteenth notes in the memorable beginning riff from "Clocks".

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While "Clocks" by Coldplay certainly sounds difficult, the song is actually classified as an easy piano or beginning pianist piece. Online musical resources are exceptional for teaching piano beginners as well as intermediate pianists how to play popular songs. Free sheet music and resources for "Clocks" are available online. Music sites like 8notes.com show pianists a breakdown of the song, which include the bars of music as well sound bites to help the pianist understand how the notes are played.

While 8notes.com breaks music down in an easily digestible format, learning songs like Coldplay's "Clocks" is simplest on YouTube. Several YouTube channels, like Joe Raciti and MusifyYourLifeFann, feature music professionals giving viewers step-by-step tutorials on how to play a variety of songs and styles, including "Clocks". YouTube video tutorials are best for pianists who are visual learners as opposed to players who learn music by ear. The video platform also acts as a way to communicate with other pianists and get helpful tips on how to perfect the song.

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