What piano music is good for beginners?


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Some pieces of piano music that are good for beginners include Jeremiah Clark's "King William's March," Robert Schumann's "Soldiers' March," Tchaikovsky's "The Sick Doll," Edward Elgar's "Salut d'amour" and Dmitri Kabalevsky's "Galop." Several other popular tunes for new piano players are Carl Nielsen's "Poco Lamentoso," Paul Harris' "Ghostly Conversations," Mark Tanner's "Night Trip across Hong Kong Harbour" and Elena Cobb's "I Ate all the Choc'late." These pieces span several centuries and don't have difficult surprises for beginner players.

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"King William's March" is a grade one level of difficulty piece of piano music. It is a baroque composition that is useful for practicing finger work, contrasts and rhythm control. Schumann's "Soldiers' March" is grade two level of difficulty and is among Schumann's works written for children and amateur pianists. The piece is a trainer for involving the fourth and fifth fingers of each hand to keep up with the tune. The song is from the "Album for the Young Op. 68," which features 43 musical pieces written by Schumann for his daughters.

Tchaikovsky's "The Sick Doll" was also written for children and is a standard grade one level of difficulty. The song is slow and soft, and beginners learn how to balance a soft accompaniment in the left hand with a singing melody in the right hand.

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