How Do You Do the Photo Booth Challenge?

photo-booth-challenge Credit: Getty Images North America/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The photo booth challenge is a drinking game in which a person takes a photo using the filters on Apple's Photo Booth app. That person then shows another person the photo and if the second person laughs, she has to take a drink.

Another version of the photo booth challenge involves taking a photograph with the Apple app, then sending it to other people and prompting them to replicate the original image. When the other people receive the image, they have to determine which filter was used and then place themselves or an object similar to that of the original photograph in as precise a location as possible. This version does not need to be a drinking game and is used as an ice-breaker exercise in classrooms and youth groups.

Apple devices are purchased with the Photo Booth app already installed, so players can take their device and open the app with ease. Filters can be changed before taking the photograph to create the funniest shot possible. Many of the filters distort the image by bending the subject of the photo out of shape. Taking multiple shots with various filters and choosing the best one increases a player's chance of winning.