What Are the Phases of a Turn in MTG?


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MTG stands for Magic: The Gathering. Wizards Customer Help explains that the phases of a turn in Magic: The Gathering are the beginning, pre-combat main, combat, post-combat main and ending. All phases take place even if nothing happens during the phase. The beginning, combat and ending phases are all broken down into further steps.

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During the beginning phase, a player must untap, upkeep and draw. Any phased-in permanents phase out, and all phased-out permanents phase in. The player then untaps any permanents of his choosing. The upkeep process is where most abilities are triggered, and any abilities that trigger during untap go on the stack. The player then draws a card.

The pre-combat main, combat and post-combat steps combine to make the main phase. During these three phases, a player can trigger any abilities that occur during the main phase. A player also declares attackers, declares blockers and calculates combat damage. Combat ends after all three steps are completed.

The final phase of a turn is the ending, and it is comprised of the end and cleanup. Any abilities that trigger at the beginning of an end step are activated, and they go on the stack. The active player can also decide to cast spells, and must discard cards if his hand is over the maximum count allowed. Damage on permanent cards is removed, and all current turn-based effects end.

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