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"Petra's Planet" is an online virtual world in which the player is able to create his own character. The character has the ability to travel, get a Pet Toy, decorate his room and play mini-games. "Petra's Planet" is designed for children ages 7-11.

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"Petra's Planet" is designed to be an interactive experience in which children are able to talk to one another and interact as they progress through the virtual world. After a person has created his character, he is able to visit different countries throughout the game world. Each country has a different set of mini-games for the player to select. As the player participates in different mini-games or successfully completes quests, he receives KIPPs, which is a form of currency in the game.

The KIPPs in "Petra's Planet" allow the player to purchase items so that he is able to customize his Pet Toy, room and even his own characters. Although the player is able to change the overall design of his character, he is not allowed to change his character's name.

Interaction with other players is done through visiting one another's room. While inside a friend's room in "Petra's Planet," the player is able to communicate with his friend and even take care of his friend's Pet Toy. Players are also able to view one another's progress by looking at their friend's journal.

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